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How To Handle Gambling And Relationship


Gambling has brought many disputes in relationships between partners. There is struggling between partners due to gambling but they have to learn how to work together. The gambler has to take time to think through and consider the best interests for the partner. Here are tips on how a gambler can maintain a healthy relationship with their partner.

Proper financial management

The dispute commonly associated with gambling is about money. A gambler may get too much into gambling without planning, making them forget their responsibility to their partner. You have to let your responsibilities in the family come first like paying bills for the mortgage. It is wise if you have a joint account with your partner and you are using the money in the account to gamble you get another account for your online slots bonus gambling and make sure what you use for gambling is what you have saved for entertainment. Gambling should never be taken as a way of earning. Making proper decisions on finances before you gamble will reduce the chances of you disputing with your partner about it thus making your relationship healthy.

Do not use gambling as a relationship problem solver

Some people gamble to escape frustrating problems in their relationships by playing repetitive games for long periods of time to block out thoughts of issues that require their attention and consideration. Trying to escape and ignore problems in your relationship creates even bigger problems. It is better you solve the problem before gambling but not using gambling to solve the problem. As it is known gambling is either you win or lose the game and the results may sometimes make you more frustrated leading you to get bitter with your partner even more yet you hoped the gambling to help you.

Be frank to your partner about your gambling

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It is the best thing when your partner know that you are a gambler. Many gamblers make it a secret of their gambling and do it without their partners knowing. It brings conflict between the two especially when your partner realizes you did this all without them knowing. You may also need help from your partner if negative results arise in gambling like the need of a financial boost. It will be easy for your partner to help you if they already knew you are a gambler but if they didn’t it will be difficult for them to offer help.

Spend enough time with your partner

If you spend too much time in the likes of casinos, buying lottery tickets or doing other gambling activities and you spend less time with your partner making her experience some loneliness in the relationship. This will weaken your relationship bond. It is better to have time for everything and balance your time especially the time you spend with your partner will make the relationship healthy.

The best idea is to stop gambling at all but if you must gamble you should avoid getting addicted by:

  • Deciding how much you are willing to lose before getting into it and when you reach the point stop.
  • Taking regular breaks from gambling and it should not be your only form of entertainment.
  • Avoiding gambling when you are depressed, stressed or trying to avoid negative emotion.

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